Live at 35 Denton 2012

Recorded at 35 Denton Festival in Texas United States

  • hip hop
  • rap
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    Oakland United States

    Check out the purple-drank induced atmospheres and stuttering 808s of Oakland's ‘cloud rap’ dons Main Attrakionz. Live in Texas.

    Without a doubt, Oakland, California brews some of the strangest hip hop right now. Trading the stalwart boom-bap template for something, dare we say, New Age-y, the _(artist-name)Main Attrakionz_ duo of _(artist-name)Squadda B_ and _(artist-name)MondreM.A.N_ have added another facet to the palatial canon of “cloud rap” - that fluid, genre-bending strain of post-modernist hip hop that’s all the rage about town. Since 2011, the group has seemingly released a free full-length mixtape every other month, giving their local brother _(artist-name)Lil B_ stiff competition for the “most prolific” award.