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    London United Kingdom

    Bass, how low can you go? Dubstep pioneer and Digital Mystikz mastermind Mala in the chat.

    _(artist-name)Mala_ is one half of _(artist-name)Digital Mystikz_: South London’s finest purveyors of meditational bass weight. Dubstep originators, producers, DJs as well as label owners and promoters, they unleash a dense concentration of dubwise good vibrations that would make _(artist-name)Jah Shaka_ and _(artist-name)Aba Shanti_ equally proud. Being longtime friends from South London, Mala and _(artist-name)Coki_ began with a shared love of jungle, dub, roots reggae, garage and house. Together they began forming their own distinct styles of music. Championed at the infamous FWD>> nights, their _(song-title)Pathwayz_ (on Big Apple) and distinctive, fresh music like Mala’s _(song-title)Neverland_, _(song-title)Anti War Dub_ or Coki’s _(song-title)Stuck_ and _(song-title)Shattered_, began raining down on unsuspecting Londoners and the rest of the world in no time. It goes how it goes, and the Mystikz’ own label DMZ is kind of a flagship now and has become a figurehead imprint for this thing called dubstep. The London institution Soul Jazz is also fond of them, together with their mate _(artist-name)Loefah_, they release on _(artist-name)Aphex Twin_’s Rephlex label and run a self-titled label night in deepest Brixton. Their bass weight meditation is spreading far and wide.