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    Berlin Germany

    Krautrock pioneer, Ash Ra Tempel guitarist, and genius behind the über-classic ‘E2-E4’. Step into the world of Manuel Göttsching.

    Growing up in the 50s and 60s, Berlin-born guitarist _(artist-name)Manuel Göttsching_ was exposed to the great British and US-American pop and rock bands of that era. But instead of mocking _(artist-name)The Who_ or _(artist-name)Jimi Hendrix_ with fake English lyrics, Göttsching and his peers in _(artist-name)Ash Ra Tempel_ were more interested in creating music that did not have to resort to lyrics at all. Creating and originating at a time when groups like _(artist-name)Tangerine Dream_, _(artist-name)Agitation Free_, _(artist-name)Kraftwerk_ and _(artist-name)Can_, to name but a few, put music made in Germany on the map, Göttsching worked with Timothy Leary, Connie Plank, Harald Grosskopf and _(artist-name)Klaus Schulze_, and became one of the figureheads of the tape echo drenched sound that the British music press loved to call “Krautrock”. Göttsching is probably still best known for his mega-classic _(album-title)E2-E4_, recorded in December 1981 in a one-hour session and released three years later on Inteam Records, where it was picked up by New York disco DJs like _(artist-name)Larry Levan_ at the Paradise Garage. Gaining a great deal of attention at the end of the 80s in the house and techno scenes, it was remixed as well as sampled and lived a second life as an Italian record by _(artist-name)Sueño Latino_. Since then, Göttsching has been exhibited as a wax model in Asia’s largest wax museum in Tokyo, and worked with contemporary ensembles like Zeitkratzer or with DJs like _(artist-name)Joe Claussell_.