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    Washington, DC United States

    From DC via Rotterdam, Martyn is the creator of some of the deepest moments in dubstep, techno and drum‘n’bass. Meet a true innovator.

    Starting out from Rotterdam, with releases on _(artist-name)Marcus Intalex_’ Revolve:r, Play Music and Bassbin, _(artist-name)Martyn_ has been carving out his own little niche of the musical universe. While his drum‘n’bass roots always shine through, his deep bass-heavy tracks have always been infused with a love for house music and warm technosoul. Now based in Washington DC, he still runs his 3024 label (named after Rotterdam’s postcode) along with longtime friend and graphic designer Erosie, and continues to produce music and create DJ sets that are more concerned with creating a feeling than fulfilling genre expectations. Now signed to _(artist-name)Flying Lotus_' mighty Brainfeeder camp camp, he remains a true innovator of bass-driven music of all colours and shapes.