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    At the Academy in Seattle Mathew Jonson explained his studio runnings and live set-up, why it’s sometimes important to have a television in the studio, and his personal journey to a higher state of consciousness (minus the blue hair sparkles). To all the skint mo fo’s, check Mathew Jonson’s low end theory. He says you don’t need expensive monitors to get that mix super phat.


    Berlin Germany

    Techno renovator and Canadian expat Mathew Jonson with an insight into his very own world.

    Having stepped out on labels like Itiswhatitis, Perlon and his own Wagon Repair, NZ-born Canadian prodigy _(artist-name)Mathew Jonson_ has stomped loudly yet elegantly through the world of techno. A piano and percussion maestro from a young age, he combines musicality with proper, hands-on, analogue outboard action. Proof to this are especially Jonson’s live sets together with his _(artist-name)Cobblestone Jazz_ boys as well as his leftfield A&R decisions for his own Wagon Repair label. _(artist-name)Gilles Peterson_ and _(artist-name)Laurent Garnier_ are just two of those who’ve said yes to the suitability of Mathew Jonson’s mutability, not to mention Mathew’s mates _(artist-name)Richie Hawtin_ and _(artist-name)Ricardo Villalobos_.