Bubble Tease Communications Vol 21

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    Sheffield United Kingdom

    Disco nomad and master of alien boogie Maurice Fulton takes us back with his selection of Loft and Paradise Garage faves.

    Fulton dubbed himself Dr. Scratch because he was cutting more hip hop beats than Philip Roth’s Seymour Levov gloves. Thrown off by the growing violence in the rap game, _(artist-name)Maurice Fulton_ was soon attracted by the disco, house and freestyle implosion in New York’s dance scene and made trips to places like _(artist-name)Tony Humphries_’ Zanzibar and _(artist-name)Larry Levan_’s Paradise Garage. Shortly after that, he teamed up with the infamous _(artist-name)Basement Boys_ production team and was involved in worldwide hits like Crystal Water’s _(song-title)Gypsy Woman_ and records like _(album-title)Love, Love, Love_ by Those Guys. A man of a trillion monikers, Fulton released as _(artist-name)Ladyvipb_, _(artist-name)Eddie & The Eggs_, _(artist-name)Syclops_, _(artist-name)Stress_ or _(artist-name)Boof_ on labels like Tirk, Cottage, Spectrum, Transfusion, Warp and Nuphonic. Being a modern nomad and designated globetrotter, his ways have led him from Baltimore to New York, and via Finland (where he worked with _(artist-name)Jimi Tenor_ and _(artist-name)Nicole Willis_) to Melbourne. These days he resides between Sheffield and New York, where you might find him working on projects with Zanzibar-born singer Mim Suleiman or recording breathtaking punk music you can dance to together with his wife MU. There’s no argument: Fulton is on the cutting edge of today’s disco music.