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    London United Kingdom

    No dress code for this place. Max Tundra sounds like the kid Zappa and Destiny’s Child never had together. In the chat!

    Please welcome one of the last musicians to record a _(artist-name)John Peel_ session. But this isn’t Ben Jacobs’ aka _(artist-name)Max Tundra_’s only forte. He was lucky enough to grow up in a house with a piano, and although he protested against the lessons on famous dead composers, this expanse of black and white keys eventually led to his own musical inventions. Some teenage years and a Commodore Amiga 500 home computer later, Jacobs began to explore the world of electronic composition. Eventually he got so good at using this cheap set-up that back in 1998 Warp Records released his first single. “Warp were the only label who were interested in my first tune”, says Ben, “I sent my demo tape to fifty labels in all, but most people freaked out. A couple of guys made the bizarre criticism that I had too many ideas.” This criticism has frequently dogged Max Tundra (as he was hereby renamed) in a musically diverse, eclectic career where time signatures, musical genres and instrumentation have been given the thorough shake-up they have long needed. As well as remixing bands such as _(artist-name)Franz Ferdinand_, _(artist-name)Pet Shop Boys_, _(artist-name)The Futureheads_ or _(artist-name)Tunng_, just to name a few, Max Tundra keeps releasing interesting and unusual music.