Ballroom Special

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    New Jersey United States

    NYC ballroom/voguing scene’s leading figure MikeQ joins the dots between the classics and the bass-heavy house sound of now. Ha!

    New Jersey based _(artist-name)MikeQ_ is one of the key figures of NYC’s long-running ballroom/vogue house scene. The artistic dance known as ‘voguing’ has been popular in the underground clubs of the East Coast of America since the 1960s, and two decades after the seminal movie _(album-title)Paris Is Burning_ it remains one of the most colourful subcultures in the US, and a very passionate part of NY club life. In recent years a new generation of music producers has been joining the dots between ballroom traditions and the bass-heavy hi-tech house sound of now - including the likes of _(artist-name)Vjuan Allure_, _(artist-name)Angel X_ and MikeQ, just to name a few. Mike gained a love for the ballroom scene and its music in 2003 - when he was 17 - after visiting a local New Jersey party spot, and on hearing _(artist-name)Masters At Work_’s _(song-title)The Ha Dance_ he became eager to search out more music and develop his own take on it. Now one of the most in-demand DJs on the scene, Mike is spreading the ballroom gospel in North America and across the pond, while teaming up with Night Slugs’ US sister label Fade To Mind. He also heads up his own Qween Beat collective, puts out countless mixtapes, and releases a steady stream of ballroom tracks, re-edits, and remixes, very often built upon that tiny _(album-title)Ha_ loop.