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    This edition of Personal features native New Yorker Barry Lederer (Graebar Sound) who shares his extensive knowledge of disco, sound system, sleaze records and dancefloor behaviour with us.


    Brooklyn, NYC United States

    The Geist inside the special fx machine: Environ’s boss man glues yesterday’s and tomorrow’s disco together.

    This New Jersey native was initially inspired to take to the mixing desk when listening to the UK’s take on Detroit, despite growing up to the sound of early synth heroes like _(artist-name)Devo_ and _(artist-name)New Order_ alongside early hip hop, jazz, and 60s Hindi film soundtracks. Soon after bagging his first 12" release on _(artist-name)Dan Curtin_’s Metamorphic label, Morgan formed the Environ label, which raised the bar for releasing powerful statements of purpose which flirted with the styles of disco, techno, and soul, while proving an elusive temptress to all three. As one half of _(artist-name)Metro Area_, Morgan fused the sounds of bygone disco and boogie with the space and atmospheres of techno and house to create the breakthrough Metro Area LP and 12"s, while racking up a bounty of remixes for the likes of _(artist-name)Hugh Masekela_, _(artist-name)Telex_, and _(artist-name)Erlend Øye_. We are, after all, products of our own environs.