Live at Fabric

Recorded at Fabric in London United Kingdom

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  • uk funky
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    London United Kingdom

    Percussive house rhythms, cut-up r’n‘b, rave signals and a heavy dose of bass. Night Slugs whizz kid Mosca live from Fabric.

    London’s _(artist-name)Mosca_ firmly put his name on the map in early 2010, kickstarting the Night Slugs label with his _(album-title)Square One_ EP - a bass-heavy UK house anthem that took in tribal percussion, technosoul, and a good portion of grime and dancehall – so basically everything good in discerning club music these days, following up with releases for forward-thinking labels like Numbers, 3024, or Hypercolour. Mosca’s refusal to stick to one or two sounds doesn’t make life easy but there are common threads that link his work. His sense of rhythm and groove is perhaps the key, the element that stops that heavy UK bassline from weighing too much. Mosca seems to enjoy even more freedom as a DJ, his wildly unpredictable sets pitting Angolan kuduro against 2-step, or combining Wu-Tang with slow house. With a residency on BBC’s Radio 1 and pirate station support from across the world, Mosca doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but forward.