Live at RBMA x Boiler Room

Recorded at Boiler Room in New York City United States

  • electronic
  • house
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    NYC United States

    A beautiful mind: Electronic music wonderboy Nicolas Jaar takes his blissed-out house runnings to RBMA’s Boiler Room takeover in NYC.

    _(artist-name)Nicolas Jaar_ was born in New York, but mostly raised in Santiago De Chile. He started producing aged fourteen - part of the impetus coming from his father giving him _(artist-name)Ricardo Villalobos_’ _(album-title)Thé Au Harem D’Archimède_ as a present. He was seventeen when he released his first record on Wolf + Lamb. Following his early singles, his development turned into a whirlwind of changes, first culminating in his debut album _(album-title)Space Is Only Noise_ on Circus Company. Embedded in the techno influenced sounds were vocal melodies that took from the most elegant bits of house music history, with tempo ranges just below what you’d expect on a dance floor. He started to get serious about combining his influences from Villalobos to _(artist-name)Mulatu Astatke_, oscillating between the analog and the digital. He didn’t stop there, though, first crafting a live show built around keyboards, synths and his own singing that already endeared him to the indie crowd as well. From there he went on to pull a live band together, adding drums, saxophone, guitar and further keys and electronics to the mix, taking his tracks further into the unknown. From clubs to festival stages, Jaar has found his place right at the fragile space that lives within the heart, body and spirit of music.