Live at Holydubs, Siroco

Recorded at Siroco in Madrid Spain

  • electronic
  • bass
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    London United Kingdom

    With her crates filled with Chicago juke, grime, and UK bass, Nightwave is coming at you live from RBMA’s Holydubs takeover in Madrid.

    In addition to her experiences as an alternative medicine practitioner, body double for Penelope Cruz, motion capture actor in the ‘DJ Hero’ video game franchise, quantum mechanics philosopher, and Slovenian Judo champion, _(artist-name)Nightwave_ somehow finds time to put out records – excellent records. Her releases on the Svetlana Industries and Seed labels, either as Nightwave or her retired moniker _(artist-name)8bitch_, have garnered her international acclaim for a forward-thinking combination of Chicago juke, UK bass, grime, and 80s funk. And when she’s got a free moment, you’ll probably find Maya behind the DJ decks at your favourite watering hole somewhere in Europe, or cooking up strange new rave styles for example on _(song-title)Hit It_, which featured Chicago legend _(artist-name)DJ Deeon_, or guesting over the airwaves on Resonance FM. Is there any more to say? Short of holograms, we’re not quite sure how she does it.