Sónar Sessions 2012

Recorded at Sónar in Barcelona Spain

  • bass
  • house
  • electronic
  • Show


    London United Kingdom

    Uplifting, soulful, bass-filled beat music at its very best. Om Unit live at Sónar 2012 in Barcelona.

    Though he got his start as a hip hop production wunderkind and scratch DJ known as _(artist-name)2tall_, Jim Coles has since moved on to greener pastures with his particular brand of electronic bass music under the alias _(artist-name)Om Unit_. It’s paid off: after dropping releases on respected underground labels such as Civil Music and Dublin’s All City, Coles has taken the Om Unit sound around the globe to critical acclaim. Stints at numerous clubnights, a mixtape for the LuckyMe collective, and his collaborations with _(artist-name)Lorn_ and _(artist-name)Kromestar_ have served as the foundation for Coles' mutating aesthetic, while EPs like _(album-title)Aeolian_ on Civil and _(album-title)Sleepwalkers_ on Metalheadz have only solidified his status as one of the frontrunners of the current electronic music circuit. Combine those with his edit 12"s and his first album Threads, and genres just become a nuisance. Instead the name Om Unit comes to represent uplifting, soulful, bass-filled beat music at its very best.