Live at Metamorphose 2012

Recorded at Metamorphose in Tokyo Japan

  • indie
  • rock
  • psychedelic
  • progressive
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    NYC United States

    Mars Volta guitarist and solo artist, Omar Rodriguez Lopez performing his chaotic concoctions live at Metamorphose 2012 in Japan.

    Ordo ab chao. In Latin, the words mean, “order out of chaos”. It’s a phrase steeped in mystery, with conspiracy theorists linking it to the Bilderberg group, Masons, and the New World Order. It’s also a phrase that sums up perfectly the music of _(artist-name)Omar Rodriguez Lopez_. Straddling the line between the psychedelic grandiosity of progressive rock and the pure energy of hardcore punk, chaos seems to be something _(artist-name)Rodriguez Lopez_ is perfectly comfortable with. His flagship band, _(artist-name)The Mars Volta_, as well as his plethora of solo releases for labels like Stones Throw and Gold Standard Laboratories demonstrate the guitarist’s ability to create beauty out of ugliness. Born in Puerto Rico, and raised in El Paso, Texas, _(artist-name)Rodriguez Lopez_ rose to notoriety with his band, _(artist-name)At The Drive In_. Sometime later, citing creative differences, the band split and _(artist-name)Omar_ went on to create _(artist-name)The Mars Volta_ with _(artist-name)ATDI_ band mate, _(artist-name)Cedric Bixler-Zavala_. Since then _(artist-name)Rodriguez Lopez_ has gone on to a prolific solo career, releasing upwards of nineteen albums in the last few years.