Live at La Bellevilloise

Recorded at La Bellevilloise in Paris France

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    Paris France

    Onra is on it! A true P(aris)-boy live at the release party for his post-Dilla MPC boogie album ‘Long Distance’.

    It ain't hard to tell - when it comes to samples, _(artist-name)Onra_ can chop like Zorro and flip like Daley Thomson. Ever since his _(album-title)Tribute_ LP with fellow French producer _(artist-name)Quetzal_ caught the ears of DJs like _(artist-name)Benji B_ and _(artist-name)Gilles Peterson_, Onra has been on a roll, working with labels like All City, and more recently, A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold imprint. Along the way his _(album-title)Chinoiseries_ album, made from a crate digging expedition to Vietnam, was released to the delight of fans of offbeat hip hop while his All City release _(album-title)Long Distance_ stepped up the pace, offering an exciting piece of boogie drenched post-Dilla MPC magic. With a pace of more than an album a year he's keeping himself incredibly busy, much to the pleasure of music lovers around the world.