Vol 181 - Retazo Con Huezo

Recorded in Mexico City Mexico

  • electronic
  • indie
  • latin
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    The curtain rises to show this butcher shop fully stocked with the best cuts coming from Panamérika. Come get the latest juicy and meaty tracks from well-fed artists like Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux, Spain’s krauters Klaus & Kinski and US hispanic lo-fi soulman Helado Negro, all presenting new material for 2012. Wrap your ears with fresh sounds from young calves like Astro, Uvi.Lov, Soledad and I Can Chase Dragons. In this choice of fine luncheon meats, you can have some European taste with cinematic tracks by Modular and Stereo Total. And as takeaway, we prepared an homage to the recently departed Argentinian master Luis Alberto Spinetta. Hope you enjoy purchasing at this butcher shop, and hope to see you coming back for more cuts, next week!


    Mexico City Mexico

    RBMA’s window to Latin America’s vital music scene and its protagonists.

    The first and longest running non-english language show on RBMA Radio, Panamérika is a celebration of the vast and varied cultural landscape in Latin America. Presented by gentle-voiced host Jorge Medina each show provides an enlightening array of references on the bountiful production of music coming from this side of the planet: Ranging from the quintessential rhythms of bolero, cumbias, merengue, norteñas, son, tango (and everything in between), Panamérika will bring on the most improbable fusions with rock, pop, hip hop, electronica and what may come mañana. And while we’re sure the revolution still won’t be televised, you will feel the revolutionary heartbeat pulsing with the beat in these shows, as they merge tunes, approaches and nationalities in true panamerican style. Atención, though: Spanish is spoken here, but then again, you may skip those classes this way, and, anyway, there’s no cheaper way to travel a whole continent, one hour at a time.