Live at Le Poisson Rouge

Recorded at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC United States

  • dub
  • electronica
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    United States

    Fuzzy dub, psychedelic boogie and outsider house. A clash of styles with cosmic effects and loose drums, live from NYC.

    _(artist-name)Peaking Lights_ are husband and wife duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis. Since relocating from California’s Bay Area to a barn house in rural Wisconsin, the pair have created their own distinctive sound using Aaron’s home built synths, effects units and rhythm machines. Mixing elements of dub and psych rock with synth pop and cosmic disco, Peaking Lights produce songs that are sweetly smooth; yet abstract and haunting. In 2009 their debut album _(album-title)Imaginary Falcons_ appeared on the Night People label and quickly gained critical praise, but it was the follow up’s _(album-title)936_ on Not Not Fun, and _(album-title)Lucifer_ on Weird World that really brought Peaking Lights into the red. Lo-fi, dubbed out electronics with psychedelic melodies and punky female vocals – a truly fresh and unique sound. _(artist-name)Future Times_ is a Washington, DC-based label run by _(artist-name)Maxmillion Dunbar_ and Mike Petillo. It first made an impact in 2008 with Max’s spacey-beat 7" _(song-title)Outrageous Soulz_ coming gloriously out of nowhere. Since then the label has given a platform to the sounds of Max’s and Ari G’s cosmically minded duo _(artist-name)Beautiful Swimmers_, as well as Chicago’s _(artist-name)Slava_, and the spiritual psych-house project _(artist-name)Protect-U_. But like any good label, the aesthetics go much deeper than just uniquely creative music.