Live at Green Sunset, MIS

Recorded at MIS in São Paulo Brazil

  • house
  • disco
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    London United Kingdom

    Join in the chant! London’s Balearic supremo with a mix of all things that make you wanna eat fruit on the dancefloor. Live in São Paulo.

    A longstanding waver of the Balearic flag, London's _(artist-name)Phil Mison_ embodies that elusive genre like few of his peers. Thrilled by a broad-minded sound found on trips to Ibiza while listening to _(artist-name)José Padilla_ or _(artist-name)DJ Alfredo_, Mison is one of its original purveyors, constant renovators and unstoppable advocates with an insatiable thirst for the yet unknown. His own productions as _(artist-name)Cantoma_ or, together with Pete Herbert as _(artist-name)Reverso 68_ respectively _(artist-name)Frontera_, capture that special atmosphere that allows big pop platters to sit comfortably between small house records and obscure gems of all kinds. Check his breathtaking _(album-title)Originals_ compilation on Claremont 56 or the fruits of his long-lasting love story with Leng Records. Join in the chant!