Live at Nachtdigital 2012

Recorded at Nachtdigital in Olganitz Germany

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    Berlin Germany

    The sound of constant motion. Cosmopolitan house experimenter Portable aka Bodycode captured live at Nachtdigital 2012.

    The modern burden of coping with constant motion and instability as an underlying life design is something that doesn’t bother Alan Abrahams aka _(artist-name)Portable_ aka _(artist-name)Bodycode_. In fact, he embraces it, not just by choosing a stage name such as _(artist-name)Portable_, but also with his ever-changing sonic journeys through the fields of electronic, techno and house sounds. Born in South Africa and brought up in London with some quality time spent in Lisbon, he finally settled in Berlin. While the _(artist-name)Portable_ moniker is usually devoted to the slightly darker side of house and techno, laced with atmospheric vocals, his recently resurrected _(artist-name)Bodycode_ project presents a more dance floor oriented outlook that combines Alan’s interest in repetitive club elements with sci-fi aesthetics and naturalistic, tribal counterparts.