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    NYC United States

    Listen to the unique beats, bleeps and groundbreaking sci-fi folk of Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73.

    Guillermo _(artist-name)Scott Herren_ burst onto the hip hop scene in 2001 as _(artist-name)Prefuse 73_ with his groundbreaking (album-title)Vocal Studies And Uprock Narratives_ on Warp Records. He had already released two albums under different monikers - _(album-title)Sleep Method Suite_ by _(artist-name)Delarosa_ and _(album-title)Asora And Folk Songs For Trains, Trees And Honey_ by _(artist-name)Savath And Savalas_. Whereas these two works were tinged with folk, jazz and Scott’s Catalan roots, his Prefuse 73 material was unashamedly hip hop, and _(album-title)Vocal Studies_ was a critical and commercial success. Scott has since released several albums as Prefuse 73 featuring guests including _(artist-name)MF Doom_ and _(artist-name)Ghostface Killah_. He has also set up his label Eastern Developments with _(artist-name)Carlos Niño_ and released a handful of records under his _(artist-name)Piano Overlord_ moniker.