Live at Hansa Studios Meistersaal

Recorded at Hansa Studios Meistersaal in Berlin Germany

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    Berlin Germany

    Rekids mastermind Radio Slave with a special live performance at Berlin’s Hansa Studios Meistersaal.

    As part of the Berlin stop of the RBMA World Tour 2011, the Academy paid tribute to the legendary Meistersaal room of the Hansa Studios II. A special night with artists from across the spectrum celebrated the legacy of the big hall by the wall. This live performance comes from _(artist-name)Radio Slave_, featuring _(artist-name)Thomas Gandey_, building an immersive set founded on samples from Hansa’s storied past. Matt Edwards usually brings out this alias for his big-room techno excursions, as he crafts all kinds of worlds around the throne of the kick drum. His label Rekids has earned him a reputation as one of techno’s most reliable suppliers of club mayhem, as their regular label night at cult Berlin venue Berghain and other spots around the world can testify.