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    United Kingdom

    Phil Mison and Pete Herbert were at the helm of British disco. The Eivissa heroes and sun gods in the mix.

    _(artist-name)Reverso 68_ is the studio project of producers/DJs Pete Herbert and Phil Mison. The two met many moons ago whilst Phil was a resident at Café Del Mar in Ibiza and bought records from Pete who was running record shops in Soho, London at the time, just before he opened the infamous Atlas Records vinyl emporium. As well as DJ-ing extensively around the globe for more than a decade and working together, they have also both recorded and released their own projects, Phil as _(artist-name)Cantoma_ on Music For Dreams, and Pete as _(artist-name)Bakazou_, _(artist-name)LSB_ and _(artist-name)Optimus_ for Eskimo, and as _(artist-name)Cuica_ for Ubiquity. Over the years Reverso 68 have released several singles including _(song-title)Piece Together_ and _(song-title)Tokyo Disco_, as well as some highly acclaimed remixes for _(artist-name)The Juan MacLean_, _(artist-name)Manhead_, _(artist-name)Bent_ and _(artist-name)Richard Dorfmeister_, to name but a few. The Reverso 68 sound is a deep mix of balearic disco and spaced out, melodic electronica.