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    Los Angeles United States

    World Famous Beat Junkie Rhettmatic connects L.A.’s musical heritage past to present. Live on the one’s and two’s.

    As one of the original members of the World Famous Beat Junkies, _(artist-name)Rhettmatic_ has played a vital role in shaping the sound of hip hop from the turntables. Rhettmatic started out in the DJ group Double Platinum in the 80s, his natural affinity to the turntable, and his ability to turn it into an instrument, marked him out for a career behind the decks. But it was as part of the World Famous Beat Junkies alongside _(artist-name)JRocc_, _(artist-name)Babu_, _(artist-name)Shortkut_, Melo-D and the others, took the art of turntablism to a world-wide audience. Rhettmatic has played with the who's who of hip hop, and as part of The Visionaries, he's worked with everyone from _(artist-name)Peanut Butter Wolf_ and _(artist-name)Madlib_ to _(artist-name)Talib Kweli_ and _(artist-name)DJ Premier_. With constant projects and shows, Rhettmatic understands that it's not just about working hard, but about community, and in art as in life, he's one of those who keeps it all together.