Live at HARD Miami 2013

Recorded at Grand Central Miami United States

  • bass music
  • electronic
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    Los Angeles / NYC United States

    Wedidit hit machine RL Grime brings his threatening arsenal of bass weaponry to the Grand Central for HARD Miami’s Rumpshaker party.

    Fun fact: There has never been a trap party in the history of humankind that hasn't featured the sounds of Floss Angeles representative _(artist-name)RL Grime_. His breakout single _(song-title)Trap On Acid_ and the _(song-title)Mercy_ edit he crafted in conjunction with Friends of Friends friend _(artist-name)Salva_ are firm staples of America's latest party craze. When aiming for the big room, Henry Steinway makes sure that he cracks the ball right down the middle - be it under his _(album-title)Goosebumps_-influenced RL Grime moniker or conjuring up warped belters as _(artist-name)Clockwork_ for Dim Mak. But that doesn't mean he can't craft a more intricate slow-burner when he wants to. Try the 2012 RL Grime EP, _(album-title)Grapes_: A bass-heavy exercise in drum machine experimentation that works just as well on headphones as it does on a speaker setup in a Brooklyn party basement.