Live at six d.o.g.s.

Recorded at six d.o.g.s. in Athens Greece

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    Berlin Germany

    Dynamic duo Function and Regis lay down the laws of Sandwell District’s techno universe live in Athens.

    As stalwarts of the hugely influential Downwards label, _(artist-name)Function_ and _(artist-name)Regis_ have been breaking down and re-arranging the DNA of conventional dance music for more than a decade. _(artist-name)Sandwell District_ however is very much its own animal and although it shares many of its ideals and energy with the iconic Downwards, it is a label of the here and now, although they also dabble in the nostalgic realm of techno anonymity. Sandwell District have not just blurred the boundaries of techno, but have dissolved them and re-built it in their own unique image with records from _(artist-name)Silent Servant_, _(artist-name)Rrose_ and _(artist-name)Bob Ostertag_, _(artist-name)The Variance_, and Sandwell District samplers, plus output from Function and Regis themselves. The whole Berghain crew, _(artist-name)Jeff Mills_, _(artist-name)Speedy J_, _(artist-name)Laurent Garnier_, and about everyone else involved in the state of the techno art seems to think so as well. But as much as they care for underground techno, Sandwell District releases also breathe the air of industrial, 80s avantgarde music and a certain new wave appeal that would make the likes of _(artist-name)Throbbing Gristle_ feel proud. Where next? Only Sandwell District might know.