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    NYC United States

    NYC’s queen of cool Santigold on the musical tastes she inherited from her dad, her career start and how to earn respect as a female artist.

    Released at the most neon moment of the fluorescent frenzy of the late 2000s, the self-titled debut in 2008 from New York based musician _(artist-name)Santigold_ shook numerous heads in the taste-making music world - not only because she was depicted on the cover vomiting gold (a bold statement by itself), but also because the music was truly emblematic of the post-everything diamond rush going on in pop at the time. Reggae collided with electro, punk smashed alongside bass and Santi White’s brash, dancehall-infused vocals rode the wave the whole time. After wrapping up collaborations with _(artist-name)Jay-Z_, _(artist-name)Karen O_, _(artist-name)Switch_, _(artist-name)Spank Rock_, _(artist-name)Beastie Boys_ and the global village poster icon _(artist-name)Diplo_, Santigold continues to further obscure her myriad of influences with her latest album, _(album-title)Master Of Make-Believe_ on Roc Nation.