Live at Nachtdigital 2012

Recorded at Nachtdigital in Olganitz Germany

  • house
  • techno
  • electronica
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    Leipzig Germany

    Leipzig’s own Steffen Bennemann with an epic three hour set live from Nachdigital 2012.

    Nachtdigital Festival’s very own _(artist-name)Steffen Bennemann_ is yet another prime eclecticist heading straight for the emotional core of his music. Quenching the most soulful essence from house to techno to dub, versatility is the name of the game. Cheerfully winking at the self-appointed style police, _(artist-name)Steffen Bennemann_ is known for dropping selection after selection, keeping the audience locked in the groove yet always on their toes. As music curator of Nachtdigital in Olganitz, Bennemann has seen the festival grow to a small but perfectly-formed lakeside community, that has quickly become one of Germany's favourite electronic music bonanzas.