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    San Francisco United States

    The best psychedelic afro jazz group you’ve never heard of. The Pyramids sit down to discuss their defining pilgrimage to Africa and more.

    The single-minded, eternal optimism of the early 1970s seems to undoubtedly be a high-water mark in the pantheon of music culture. Across the board of genres, an experimental and deeply spiritual movement swept across the planet, offering some of the most innovative music since the dawn of recording technology. While some groups adopted the signature sounds, clothes and Aquarian jargon for commercial reasons, a handful took their roles seriously and went far deeper to explore the ancestry of their music. _(artist-name)The Pyramids_, an Ohio-bred and criminally under-recognized spiritual jazz collective, falls soundly into this latter category. Birthed at the dawn of the 1970s, the band comprised of saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, flautist Margo Simmons, bassist Kimathi Asante, and drummer Donald Robinson delved deep into a world of pan-African rhythms and melodies, combining them in novel ways with the psychedelic modal jazz simmering in America at the time. The group released three private-press records in the US throughout the 70s, highly regarded by collectors, and consistently fetching incredibly large sums of money.