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    London United Kingdom

    Output impressario, London legend and Playgroup leader Trevor Jackson with a selection of tunes close to his heart.

    You’ll have a hard time finding a gospel that _(artist-name)Trevor Jackson_ hasn’t spread yet. From designing now classic record sleeves for _(artist-name)S-Express_, _(artist-name)Jungle Brothers_ or _(artist-name)Todd Terry_, doing artwork for _(artist-name)Soulwax_, setting up a record label called Output or being one of the most adroit DJs on the planet with an unquenchable thirst for records, Jackson did it all. Starting out caring and sharing UK hip hop with bands like _(artist-name)The Brotherhood_ on his Bite It! platform, Jackson also remixed artists like U2 or _(artist-name)Massive Attack_ under his _(artist-name)Underdog_ alias, gave 80s music a cosmetic surgery with his adored _(artist-name)Playgroup_ project and turned Output into one of the most important labels ever to come out of Britain. Think ZE Records 2.0 and you are halfway there. With a catalogue of hundreds of releases from the likes of _(artist-name)Four Tet_, _(artist-name)Mu_, _(artist-name)Lopazz_, _(artist-name)The Rapture_ or _(artist-name)LCD Soundsystem_, Mr. Jackson merged the approach of dance music with the dynamics of indie bands. The effects seem to last forever. He is for real!