Live at Pygmalion Music Festival 2012

Recorded at Pygmalion Music Festival in Urbana-Champaign United States

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  • psychedelic
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    Portland United States

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra use their psychedelic powers of groove on the Pygmalion Music Festival 2012. Jello and Juggernauts abound.

    New Zealand-born, Portland-based songwriter and guitarist Ruban Nielson marries spry, nervy psychedelia with sharp soul touchstones with his _(artist-name)Unknown Mortal Orchestra_. His deft hand at touching up pop hooks with just enough roughness has caught the ears of folks from _(artist-name)El-P_ to the _(artist-name)Liars_. It might help that the Orchestra’s tracks are grounded by downright dirty grooves - think someone dreaming up an alternate universe where the Star Club was in Detroit, MI and Lawrence T. Horn took the place of George Martin. And _(artist-name)Love_ moving into the building next door. And _(artist-name)Syd Barrett_ manning the kitchen. Visions of alternate universes get shaky at this point, so suffice to say that from a start using samples, the full Orchestra now also features bassist Jacob Portrait and drummer Greg Rogrove, is signed to Jagjaguwar after a sting at Fat Possum and is not currently looking for more labels with animal themed names.